Welcome to the World Wide Movement!

FB_Imag_Logo_UC_180x180pxGod can use anyone! Imagine harnessing the power of the millions of Christians around the world into a community committed to inspiring, empowering and equipping one another (our purpose).

When God moved me to launch Unstoppable Christian, it was primarily for moving my business consulting and speaking company more into serving the Christian community. It wasn’t long before God began to open me up to a MUCH LARGER VISION of what He had in mind.

I first resisted, recognizing I didn’t possess the skills and energy needed to lead a worldwide movement, however God reminded me of my constant prayer to be used by Him anyway he saw fit.

With that prompt, Unstoppable Christian Launched last week (the beginning of 2016). I have no idea where it will go and what God will accomplish through us however I’m excited to humbly follow.

You are part of this and we will depend on each other. Please tell other believers to join us and let’s change the world by building up the body of Christ.


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